Summer Entertaining and Spa Accessories

spa gamesIt’s summer, and that means it’s time for outdoor parties, barbecues, celebrations, and entertaining family and friends.  A fun way to add variety to these festivities is to treat your guests to a relaxing dip in your spa.  We offer some spa accessories that add comfort, fun, and pizzazz to the spa experience.

Try out a tasty new drink recipe, and use our Spa Caddy to let your guests have the luxury of savoring their beverages while relaxing in style.  The caddy attaches to the side of the spa, keeping food and drink nearby, and allows your guests to eat, drink, and be merry, without getting out of the water!

With our Kooltray Floating Game and Drink Tray, your guests can have some competitive fun, with their drink right in front of them.  Whether it’s a friendly game of poker or a game of “Go Fish,” the floating drink tray lends the convenience and comfortability of keeping your beverage in front of you, and also provides a dry, flat, surface to play games on.  But don’t forget the Waterproof Playing Cards!

To really get the party started, the Light Show, much like a floating disco ball, will cast different colored lights throughout the water.  It’s a unique treat your guests won’t forget, and perfect for the evening portion of the party, when the sun goes down, and the music comes on!

We’d love to help make your summer get-togethers a little more luxurious and lively, so contact us today to kick-off the summer in style.

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