Decompress After a Workout With Hot Tub Therapy

705d_R0307Ever feel sore the day or two after a long hard workout? Working out can put a lot of stress on the body, and its totally normal to feel sore afterwards. The real question is: how sore are you? And how long do you have to recover before you can do another workout like that? Well that depends on how you take care of yourself.

Flexibility helps keep our muscles, joints, and tissues moving smoothly and most efficiently. At peak efficiency our bodies needs to have a full range of motion while still being well held together. Our bodies need balance.

If you have inflammation after a workout, you may be wondering how heat is going to help. Our advice is to control the inflammation with icing for a little while before getting in the hot tub. Once the inflammation is controlled, then hot tub hydrotherapy can work its magic on your body.

The combination of heat, buoyancy, and massage is the ideal way to heal the body. It can reduce muscle spasms and stiffness in the joints. The heat helps release endorphins, and helps increase blood circulation to parts of the body that require healing. The warmth and buoyancy can also make the hot tub a good place to stretch and release the muscles. Buoyancy helps minimize pressure associated with weight and gravity on the joints and tissue which will also allows them more time to heal. Lastly the massage of the jets can work on releasing muscle knots, releasing tension, and getting into the deep muscle and tissue to loosen the body.

For people who are into health and fitness it is important to remember that in addition to building muscle and gaining strength, practicing flexibility and releasing the muscles is just as important. Being just as loose as strong can help reduce the probability of injury. Using the hot tub regularly in conjunction with your health and fitness regimen can help you heal faster and keep you in action more often. Besides, if famous athletes like Michael Phelps use hot tubs to heal, then it has to be doing something!

Make sure all your hot tub supplies are current so you can keep your hot tub in tip top shape. The  better your maintain your hot tub, the more you get to use it!

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  1. drewg76 says:

    Nice article! I agree with the statement, that you need to use ice on inflammation before you get in the hot tub, this can actually be applied to many different stiffness and aches. Nothing like cold to heat magic.

    wanted to add that if you live in the Colorado breckenridge area check out, they have repair services for any hot tubs relating to Arctic Spas and Coyote Spas.

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