Three Easy Steps to Ordering a Custom Spa Cover

hot tub cover

Custom spa covers are the front line of defense for your hot tub. They assist in regulating the temperature of your hot tub (which saves you money!) and keep the tub sanitary and free of debris. If your current spa cover is torn, waterlogged or doesn’t fit properly or, if you’re the proud new owner of a hot tub, make sure you invest in a fitted spa cover to protect your investment.

Selecting and ordering a spa cover is simple and can be broken down into three easy steps.

1) Identify your hot tub’s shape: Hot tub’s come in a variety of shapes including round, square, hexagonal, octagonal and a variety of corner-fold cuts. Identify your tub’s shape or, if it’s custom designed, secure a blueprint with exact measurements and any included modifications (speakers, control panels ect.) to ensure the correct fit of your spa cover.

2) Select the correct brand/model: Again, if your tub is a standard make and model you should easily be able to procure this information. If you’re not sure, contact the company or designer.

3) Choose color, insulation and add-ons: Now for the fun part! Choose a spa cover color that compliments the decor around the hot tub and select the correct thickness of insulation based on the climate of your area and the location of the hot tub (indoor/outdoor etc.). Available add-ons typically include straps, extra moisture defense and heat seals (ideal in cold climates).

Contact us to order a quality and affordable spa cover that is guaranteed to be a perfect fit for your hot tub.

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