hot tub chemicalsHot tub maintenance is quite easy, but you still need to take the proper precautions to keep it a safe environment for your family.  Many people wrongly assume that hot tub water should be treated exactly like pool water.  While it would be convenient to treat hot tub water the same as you do a pool, it is not sufficient.  Be sure to maintain the health of your water by only using specially designed spa chemicals.

Appropriately caring for your hot tub water is not just an issue of maintenance, but of your family’s very health.  Just one soak in the wrong hot tub could make you very sick.  Hot tubs that do not boast the right chemical content support bacterial growth because of the warm environment.

Yuck!  Who wants to sit in a vat of bacteria? No one, especially if they could possibly pick up such infections as pseudomonas folliculitis or toxic shock syndrome.  While some of these bacteria act as skin irritants, others can be much more threatening.  This isn’t to say that hot tubs are unhealthy.  When treated properly, hot tubs offer countless benefits to their users.  It is simply important to follow the correct procedures.

Chlorine is your best defense against the little beasties breeding in your water, but be certain to use the right kind of treatment.  Chlorine tablets, for instance, are specifically designed for pools.  Their chlorine contents are higher than is necessary and they dissolve too slowly for the hot tub environment. Cyanuric acid is also used in the tablets to stabilize the chlorine, but sadly its use in hot tubs prohibits the chlorine’s ability to attack certain bacteria.

The fact that such tablets are so acidic by nature can also drop your hot tub’s pH levels, irritating bathers and corroding the mechanisms of your tub.

Rely on your hot tub specialists at Hot Tub Things to guide you in the proper chemical treatment of your water.  We showcase a variety of spa care kits, some even complete with how-to videos, to make the maintenance of your water as easy as possible.

Please contact us today so we can help you ensure the safety of your water with the proper chemical care.

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