Proper Hot Tub Care Extends Hot Tub Filter Life

Cleaning hot tub filterIf you are like most hot tub owners, you probably don’t think about your hot tub’s filter system very often and yet, it is one of a hot tub’s most important features. Hot tub filters not only capture debris and clean the water, but they also work to remove algae and bacteria that can cause potential health problems.

The lifespan of a hot tub filter can vary. When it will need to be changed not only depends on the amount of debris that gets into the water, but also how often the hot tub is used. For safe measure, we recommend you change the filter on a yearly basis. Fortunately, there are some things you can do that will help keep your filter system running smoothly.

Run the Hot Tub Daily

Operate the hot tub for at least one hour every day. This is generally enough time to allow the water to cycle completely throughout the system. Schedule a time to do this each day, even if you do not plan to get in the hot tub and use it. Many hot tubs have settings that allow the user to program a time the hot tub will run automatically every day. Check in your hot tub manual to see if this applies to you. The automatic setting can save you from having to remember this daily task!

Rinse off Before you Jump In

Shower before you get into the hot tub. Sun tan lotion, deodorant and beauty products can all be hard on a hot tub filter. Even the oil produced from your skin can become trapped inside the filter. Over time, this can clog the filter and keep it from filtering properly. The oils and lotions can also leave an unsightly scum ring around the tub, so rinsing off can provide benefits for the general appearance of the tub as well.

Chemical Products

Check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine which cleaning products and chemicals are right for your hot tub.  If you use regular household cleaning products or the wrong chemical treatments, they can actually cause the hot tub filter to break down and deteriorate. Remember, using the right products not only help keep the hot tub’s water sparkly clean, but also lets the filter work more efficiently.

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