Replacement Spa Covers: An Uplifting Experience?

hot tub cover liftThey keep in the heat, keep out the leaves, and make our lives easier. The unsung hero of the hot tub is the cover – it takes more abuse from the elements than any other spa part. And yes, it wears out eventually; but this time, when you’re looking at replacement spa covers, why not also check into a spa cover method that rises above the rest: a spa cover lift!

We all get into hot tubs for the same reasons — we want to relax, we want to wind down, we’re looking to let those bubble jets and warm water work out the kinks and knots of the day. The last thing you need when headed for time in your personal oasis is precious minutes spent heaving off a cumbersome spa cover, folding it properly, and tucking it away. When it’s cold out — or heck, just when you’re ready to soak – there’s a lot to be said for knowing you’re just going to spend seconds opening (and closing!) that cover. No one gets a spa because they enjoy standing around wet in the wind!

One of our favorite cover lifts has to be the Cover Caddy. We’re not sure if “caddy” has more to do with how cleverly this lift stows the cover, or how much it reminds us of a convertible Cadillac! This lift is an ingenious design that takes all the work out of placing and removing that spa cover. Gas-filled shocks hold the weight, and neatly fold the cover out of the line-of-sight of anyone sitting in the spa, and the whole thing comes pre-assembled and includes its own mounting brackets for a quick and painless installation. Plus, it fits just about any shape spa and cover –  be they round, octagonal, large radius or what-have-you.

We have many more cover lifts to save your back — and your spa experience. Remember, the idea is to relax! For more ideas on getting in that great water quicker and easier, feel free to contact us any time.

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