ES-7500-2TThe next time that you step into the hot tub with your family and friends, why not think of playing a few games? There are several hot tub accessories on the market today that make engaging in such activities easy. Here’s a look at some of those items and five games to go along with them:

Bughouse Chess

One game that you can play with the aid of hot tub accessories is bughouse chess. In order to play it, you’ll need four people, a waterproof timer and two Kooltray Floating Game/Drink Trays. The 20 inch long, 15.75 wide trays each come with a set of foam checkers.

When you are ready, have the four people divide up into two teams and give each pair a floating game board. Then set-up the boards and play the game. If you have never played bughouse chess before, don’t worry. The rules are easily obtainable online.

Basic Checkers

If your hot tub isn’t roomy enough to accommodate two floating game boards, consider playing basic chess or checkers instead. You can use the same Kooltray Floating Game/Drink Tray  and game pieces that we mentioned previously.

Gin Rummy

Do you fancy yourself to be more of a card shark than a chess or checkers fan? Well then, one hot tub accessory that you might want to purchase is a set of Waterproof Playing Cards. Consider using the waterproof cards and the floating game board as a table to play gin rummy. Of course you could also use the cards to play other classic games as well. Among them are War and Go Fish.


While you have the floating game table available, you could opt to play dominoes too. There are two types of dominoes that would work for hot tub play. The first is a standard set of plastic dominoes. The second is a set of foam dominoes. You could make your own dominoes out of foam sheets or purchase them readymade.

Sharks and Blowfish

Finally, you may want to expand your collection of hot tub accessories by buying Squirtees as well. They are little vinyl squirt toys that come in the shape of different animals. Among the animal shapes available are sharksblowfish and ducks. They are ideal for playing a hot tub version of hot potato. In addition, you could set-up foam checker targets on the floating game board and use the Squirtees to play a shooting game. Either way, it should be entertaining for the younger members of your group.

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