HTTKitThe new line of Hot Tub Things products can help transform the way you take care of your hot tub. We’ve designed every product to be as easy as possible to use, with a color coded design that lets you know what type of product each one is.

All products with a:

  • Red logo: Sanitizers. These disinfect your hot tub and should be used at least once a week or after each spa use.
  • Yellow logo: As needed product. These products are only to be added when your hot tub needs a balance of chemistry. Whether thats the pH and alkalinity or you are having a foam issue, you can know that the yellow logo balances your spa.
  • Purple logo: Filling. These products are only used during the filling process.
  • Light Blue: Monthly product. These product are all cleaners that should be used at least once per month.
  • Dark Blue: Weekly product. Use these products weekly to keep your water crystal clear.

The Maintenance Process

  1. Using a test strip, test the water’s pH and alkalinity. Also check the levels of sanitizer and calcium hardness.
  2. Adjust the pH and alkalinity with pH and Alkalinity Up or pH and Alkalinity Down until you reach the proper level. If pH and Alkalinity are balanced, then move on to the next step.
  3. If Calcium levels are low, use Calcium Increaser to adjust the level until the test strip reads an appropriate level.
  4. Lastly add sanitizer to your hot tub at least once per week or after you use your spa. Chlorine granules are the most common sanitizer, but sometime people prefer to use Bromine tablets.

Weekly & Monthly Products

  1. There are certain products you should definitely use on a weekly basis. A small dose of Spa Clarifier every week will keep your water sparkling clear.
  2. Always add Shock oxidizer to your hot tub on a weekly basis. Shock helps eliminate any organic matter from the hot tub, which helps keep the water clear and sparkling.
  3. Don’t forget to clean your hot tub and all its parts! At least on a monthly basis, use our Surface and Cover Cleaner to wipe down and condition your cover, shell, and hot tub pillows. Doing this will help extend the life of the hot tub. Using a filter cleaner once per month is also ideal. The majority of hot tub service calls are due to dirty filters or filters that weren’t taken care of. Using a quick filter cleaner like our Instant cartridge cleaner  can help keep the overall health of your hot tub better. This product is easy to use and requires spraying on, waiting about 10-15 minutes then just hosing it all off.

If you aren’t sure about whether or not you are willing to give our products a try, then look at our Starter Kit as an option. It will introduce you to most of our products and hopefully convince you that Hot Tub Things chemicals are the way to go! Hot Tub Things line of spa care products are an excellent value, quality, and easy to use system. If you have any questions about our new line of products, then feel free to contact our customer service!

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