hand skimmerIn previous blog posts we’ve talked about the importance of keeping one’s hot tub and spa clean. Today, we wanted to branch out a bit and discuss three spa accessories that can help you accomplish that task with ease. Here’s a quick overview of each one:

Spa Accessories #1: Outdoor Showers

An outdoor shower is one spa accessory that can help you keep your hot tub and spa clean. After all, some of the dirt that ends up in a hot tub or spa comes from a person’s feet. In our opinion, one of the easiest ways to set-up an outdoor shower is to invest in a portable shower product that is designed to be used with a standard garden hose. A good example of such a product is the Shower Power 78 Outdoor Swivel Head Shower with Foot Washer. The garden hose gets screwed into the base of the unit.

The shower unit is made with a durable, rust free PVC pipe and stands 78 inches tall. The top of the PVC pipe curves downward and sports a swivel shower head. The shower head itself is located approximately 70 inches above the ground. A short distance below the shower head, about midway down the pipe, is a simple on/off knob. It controls the flow of water to the shower head.

The foot washing area is located below the shower head’s on/off knob and towards the base of the unit. As such, it doesn’t require the user to lift his or her feet very high into the air. For those with a limited range of motion or at risk of failing, that’s a great feature. In addition, the foot washing spout comes outfitted with its own on/off knob, which helps to keep excess spray at a minimum.

Spa Accessories #2: Vacuums

Another spa accessory that may prove to be beneficial is a vacuum. There are several different types of spa vacuums available. Some, like the Aqua Quik Spa Vacuum, do not require electricity to operate. They rely on manmade suction to get the job done. Others, like the Water Tech Spa Vac, run on batteries. Understandably, each type of spa vacuum has its own advantages. For example, people with limited upper body strength may prefer the battery-powered vacuums. Those that do not want to deal with battery replacement may prefer the manmade suction models.

Spa Accessories #3: Handheld Skimmers

Lastly, we wanted to mention handheld skimmers. They are exceptionally beneficial spa accessories to have on hand in the autumn because of the falling foliage. The skimmers tend to come in assorted sizes, including 2 inch and 5 inch. The 5 inch skimmers sometimes come equipped with telescoping handles that may be shortened as needed. Thus, both types of skimmers are perfect for use with hot tubs and spas that are located in confined areas.

Of course outdoor showers, vacuums and handheld skimmers are not the only spa accessories that are ideal for keeping one’s hot tub clean. To learn more about the others, contact us at (888) 251-6661 or stop by the Hot Tub Things website.

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