image004Your hot tub cover is essential in keeping debris out of your spa and in reducing the energy costs of keeping your hot tubs water hot. However, most people look at their hot tub cover as a safety net that they do not need to think about again. On the contrary though, hot tub covers receive a lot of wear-and-tear and have to eventually be replaced. This fact often leads hot tub owners to question how they will know when to replace their spa cover. Here are some of the key signs that will indicate that it is time to replace your spa cover.


Overall Look

This may seem obvious, but if your hot tub cover looks worn to the point where you are questioning whether you should replace it, then it most likely needs to be replaced. Most hot tub owners use their cover much longer than they should, which causes their hot tub to run inefficiently and become expensive to maintain. If the outer vinyl of your hot tub cover is torn, cracked, dry, brittle, or if the cover is bowed in the middle, then the integrity of the spa cover is compromised and it needs to be replaced.


The Feel

A good indicator that your hot tub cover is in need of replacement is if it feels extremely heavy, heavier than it used to feel. A heavy spa cover is an indicator that it has become worn out and cracked, which has caused the cover to become water logged. Water logged covers do not properly do their job, which often allows heat to escape. Water logged hot tub covers are also a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, which is unhealthy for anyone using the hot tub.


The Smell

If your hot tub cover has begun to smell musty, moldy, or if it has begun to stink in any way, it is definitely time to replace it. Don’t risk the health of those who enter your hot tub by trying to use an old and worn out hot tub cover that could be moldy. If the cover smells in anyway, you should replace it as soon as possible.

These are good indicators to hot tub owners that it is time to start looking into replacement spa covers. If you have determined that it is time to replace your spa cover, contact us. We can help you to find the perfect replacement cover for your hot tub.

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