hot tub chemicalsThere is more to treating your hot tub then just throwing an attractive customized cover over the top of it. True enough, a hot tub cover will protect debris from entering its domain, but that will not completely help the hot tub maintain both its optimal performance and longevity. Every day, you want to ensure your hot tub has good water quality; and once every week you want to “shock” the water with a good quality sanitizer.

Hot Tub Things has the  hot tub supplies to help you get started on the right foot and keep your hot tub looking as refreshing internally has it does externally. Investing in hot tub chemicals can prevent many problems including scaling, mineral buildup, corrosion, skin irritation; and cloudy and smelly water. 

Use test strips to check the PH and sanitizer levels. It is as simple as dipping the test stick into the water.  If your levels are not at the correct level it should be, balancers will be the answer to help them get there.

Once a week you want to use a potent sanitizer (bromine or chlorine) to “shock” the water to eliminate bacteria and germs; and/or a shock aromatherapy to eliminate organic matter and provide your hot tub with a fresh scent.

If you enjoy using your hot tub regularly, you may run into foaming issues. Foaming can be easily solved by adding in a hot tub clarifier to reduce the foam.

For more information on how to keep your hot tub clean, covered and maintained, contact us.

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