snow-on-spa-coverThe long days of summer have past, and the weather is chilling down. Winter is coming, and there is something so wonderful about soaking in a hot tub with your body nice and warm, and your face in the brisk cold air. Some people think that running a hot tub in the winter is expensive, but that is a myth. There are plenty of ways to cut back costs to run your hot tub during those freezing months, but you might have to make a small investment.

In a cover, that is! Hot tub covers are essential to owning a hot tub all year round, but you’ll notice how especially money saving they can be during winter. Without a well functioning cover, your hot tub will constantly lose heat, thus constantly run your heater, and thus constantly spike your electric bill. No one wants that. All that money put toward that terrible bill in the winter could be invested in a cover that will last you years of enjoyment. Luckily, Hot Tub Things makes custom covers and we will make sure you get all the features you want. Not sure if you need a new cover? Look at this list and see how many apply to you:


  1. Your cover is currently heavy or waterlogged
  2. Your cover is cracking
  3. Your cover is warped
  4. You don’t have a cover

If you answered yes to any of the above 4 statements, then you definitely need a new hot tub cover. Unfortunately, a cover in very bad shape has no way of making a recovery. Your best option is to start new and make sure you take better care of it moving forward. So how do you know what type of cover to get? Hot Tub Things offers 6 different combinations of taper and foam density for covers. Here is how we break it down:

BASIC: This cover is great if you have an indoor spa. Besides this, you probably shouldn’t pick this spa cover. The lower foam density means it won’t stand up as well against a variety of climates. Although it’s the cheapest cover, it probably isn’t your best option.

STANDARD: This cover is a step up above the basic. It’s good if you have very little change in weather throughout the year. If you don’t get any snow or frost, you don’t have much extreme heat, and you don’t have many crazy storms, then this cover will probably cover you.

DELUXE: The deluxe cover is what most people choose, making it our most popular cover. This is great for moderate climates like we have here, in the Bay Area. We get all the seasons but not to great extremes.

GREEN: The green cover is our next step up in cover thickness. With a 5-3″ Taper, there is a lot more foam insulating the hot tub. If you are looking for something with just slightly better insulation than our most popular middle of the spectrum cover, this is a great option.

ULTRA: This cover is good for harsh climates. If you have pretty extreme weather, or a variety of humidity, dry heat, frost and cold etc then this cover is probably good for you. This cover should cover you for everything except snow.

PINNACLE: Our pinnacle cover is the most insulating cover we offer. This cover is good for any type of weather and any type of tub. We recommend this cover to customers who get snow on their cover throughout the winter. Even if you only get the occasional dump of snow, we still recommend this cover. The thicker taper and foam will help it stand up against the weight of snow and will help it withstand more extreme weather.

Hope this explanation helps clarify any questions you have about cover choices and which might be best for you. Remember that your investment in a good cover today will save you big bucks in the winter. Hurry and order a new cover before winter hits!

If you have any further questions regarding covers and our ordering process, feel free to contact us. 

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