The Latest Fall Hot Tub Industry Trends

Spa-Supplies-Spa-Side-Umbrella-9775Are you looking to maximize your relaxation this fall and winter? Hot tub trends can change from season to season and year to year. Many of these accessories are essential all year round, but the fall and winter seasons make them extremely popular. Let’s take a look at six of the most popular hot tub trends for this fall:

Cover Lifters: Cover lifters have become an essential part of owning a hot tub. The most advanced ones we currently sell have gas shocks and make lifting your cover so easy you could do it with just a few fingers. A lot of hot tub dealers understand that cover lifters have become essential and include a nice lifter with the hot tub purchase. If you were lucky enough to have this, then you probably just need to take good care of the lifter so it lasts you many years of use. They can be removed and reinstalled on new covers, making it a no brainer to get a new cover when you need one.

Hot Tub Covers: Every fall, we notice the biggest trend is people buying new hot tub covers. A good functioning hot tub cover is essential to insulating your hot tub in the winter. Making sure your cover is in good condition will keep your electric bill down, and will save you money. Is it time for a new hot tub cover for you? Get geared and ready for winter now, before your old cover breaks and it’s too late!

303 Aerospace ProtectantThis surface protectant is one of our favorites and is very popular in the winter months. 303 is a marine grade vinyl protectant that helps protect your hot tub cover from frost and weather damage. It also increases water repellence, increases dust repellence, and blocks against UV damage. Condition your cover with this every two weeks and your cover should hold up against winter.

Umbrellas: In fall and winter some of us can get snow and rain. Some people don’t mind it, but a lot of people like having the hot tub umbrella handy so soaking while it’s raining or snowing out is a no brainer. You and your guests can sit in the hot tub without the harsh elements hitting your face. Not to mention, this umbrella is a great accessory to transition into the spring and summer. Keep the beating sun off your face when weather warms up and still soak in the hot tub without getting too hot.

Floating Chemical Dispensers: The Spa Frog floating chemical dispenser system makes hot tub care really easy. The system is a combination of sanitizer and mineral sanitizer. You just set the cartridges to the sanitation level you’d like and then let it float in the water. It does the rest of the work for you! The only hot tub care you’ll have to maintain is pH, shock oxidizer, and clarifier. This floating chemical dispenser is one of our best selling items!

Skimmers: It’s fall and the leaves are falling. Skimmers could never be more handy. By the time your done soaking in your hot tub, a good amount of leaves could have fallen in. It’s better to remove the leaves right away, rather than having your filter catch them all. Leaving them in the tub can clog up the filter bay and filter quickly.

If you have any more interest in the latest hot tub trends, feel free to contact us! Our Hot Tub Things customer staff would be happy to help you find the perfect hot tub accessory, chemical, part and more.

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