The Advantages of Spa Pillows

Chino_0020Many agree that stepping into a hot tub is the best therapy after a long, stressful day. For many individuals, tension from daily activities causes aches and pains in the shoulders and neck. A quality spa pillow encourages relaxation of upper body muscles, effectively reducing tension during a spa session.

Using your spa pillow allows you to apply heat to all the right places. By resting your head on a spa pillow you are allowing therapeutic heat from your spa directly where it is needed most, your neck and shoulders.

When resting your head and neck directly on the surface of your hot tub, you upper back and neck muscles are not well supported; therefore weight is not distributed evenly causing undue stress to these muscle groups. When using a spa pillow you will notice notice weight is comfortably distributed across these muscles allowing for total relaxation.

By taking the pressure off these muscle groups you are allowing for the reduction of inflammation and increased blood flow. Inflammation reduction will help relieve pain in these muscle groups. Increasing blood flow to these areas promotes healing of muscles and tendons.

Comfortable body positioning in your hot tub is essential to relaxation as well as pain reduction. By using a spa pillow your body can find the most naturally comfortable positioning possible. Each pillow is designed to fit your neck with perfect contouring.

Spa pillows are more durable than you think. These pillows are made of tough but comfortable polyurethane material. Your spa pillow will not be compromised by sun damage.

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