Cold Weather Hot Tub Accessories You Really Need

The trees and foliage are gorgeous and the air is starting to get that little brisk bite letting us know that colder days are in the forecast.  You don’t have to forego the benefits of your hot tub just because the weather is changing.  In fact, the cooler weather months are sometimes the most enjoyable times to use the hot tub.  Here are five must have hot tub accessories for fall and winter hot tub fun.

  • Towel Tree:  keep your towel or robe nearby and dry so you can stay warm when you get out of the tub.  Nothing will ruin a good soak like having to run across the yard wet and freezing to grab a towel.  Worse yet, your towel or robe gets wet if it falls on the wet ground or slips into the tub from the side, yuck.
  • Spa Tray or Caddy:  a convenient way to keep things nearby and dry.  It’s nice to have your lip balm or warm drink at hands length when soaking.  These trays can be mounted on the side of the tub or on a swinging arm to keep them out of the way.
  • Safety Hand Rails: the stairs to the tub can get wet and slippery in all kinds of weather but pose a special risk in the colder weather.  Installing adjustable hand rails make entrance and exit to the tub much safer.
  • Spa Games: bring your favorite indoor cold weather entertainment out to the hot tub.  With items like waterproof playing cards you can enjoy a round of bridge while you relax in the soothing environment of your hot tub.
  • Spa Side Umbrella: an excellent way to protect yourself from rain or snow while using your tub.  Perfect for areas where space is limited and a traditional gazebo isn’t an option.  Umbrellas also offer the flexibility that a gazebo can’t.  Simply close it on clear nights when soaking and star gazing are on the itinerary.

A good soak in the hot water while snow or fall foliage swirl around us in the brisk air is quite pleasurable and when accessorized properly our experience is maximized.  Contact us to order your cold weather essentials to get the most out of your hot tub investment year-round.

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