Cleaning hot tub filterWith all of the seasonal hullabaloo, it’s very easy to let routine spa maintenance tasks slip one’s mind. After all, who wants to think about replacing your spa filter when there’s homemade pie in the oven and presents to wrap? Nonetheless, it is important for the health of your spa to momentarily tear yourself away from the festivities. With that said, here are our tips for getting the filter replaced quickly:

#1: Check the Existing Spa Filter

Before attempting to buy a replacement spa filter, check out the one that you already have in place first. Hopefully it has a readable part number embossed onto the filter end cap. If it doesn’t, make a note of the spa’s manufacturer and the filter’s dimensions. To achieve the best results, carefully measure the filter’s outer diameter and length. It’s also a great idea to jot down the type of end cap that’s currently in place. In the event of an unreadable or missing part number, they’ll help you find the correct replacement spa filter in a hurry. Of course you could also opt to dig out the owner’s manual that came with your spa. It should contain replacement parts information and installation instructions too.

#2: Utilize a Spa Filter Finder

Next, with your notes on hand, go online and utilize our filter finder tool. It is very simple and quick to use. Just type in the information you obtained earlier and hit the submit button. Doing so should bring up a list of suitable replacements. Then all you need to do is place your order and wait for the spa filter to arrive. As long as the part was listed as being in stock, it should show up within 7 days or less via FedEx or USPS Ground.

#3: Install it safely

When the replacement spa filter arrives, shut off the power to the spa unit. Once that’s done, swap out the filters and turn the power back on. Continue the replacement process by running the spa for a few minutes to make sure that everything is working properly. Afterward, go get yourself a congratulatory slice of holiday pie.

For more information about replacement spa filters and other essentials, please contact us at (888) 251-6661.

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