It is a fact, during this time of year many people struggle with the Winter Blues. Shorter days and cooler weather is not appreciated by all. The perfect remedy to deal with these Chilly Blues can come in the form of resting in your own hot tub where you can experience some soothing hydrotherapy.

Studies have shown hydrotherapy as an effective method to help ease everyday aches, tension, arthritis and even insomnia. Many people are taking their spa experience to the next level by combining their hydrotherapy time with Aromatherapy… to completely relieve the stress. At HotTubThings we are excited to offer many spa accessories, including aromatherapy crystals, elixirs and beads. Just add them to your water and fill the air with your favorite fragrance and allow the water to do all the work.

Finally, the medical and scientific communities are getting on board the aromatherapy bandwagon. A recent study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that people who had breathed in lavender oil experienced a decrease in pain after being exposed to the scent. The conclusion of the researchers in the study was that lavender oil significantly aided patients with pain. They could have saved a lot of time and money and just polled our HotTubThings customers.

Don’t let the Winter Blues get you down, try out the dynamic -duo of hydrotherapy and aromatherapy while soaking in your spa. We encourage you to contact us or check out our website, where we offer 25-50% off every day.

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