Hot Tub Accessories: 5 Steps to Enjoying a Winter Spa

Spa CoverYou could drain your hot tub and prepare it for winter hibernation… but why? Many say a cold winter is the perfect time to enjoy a warm soak. Not to mention if the tub is not drained and prepared properly, freeze damage may do quite a number on your enjoyment come Spring.

Here are a few ways to enjoy your hot tub even through the coldest months.

1. Clean. Drain and clean your spa before the temperatures crash. This is no fun at all when the Arctic blasts through town. Do it now so you don’t have to do it then.

2. Cover. Replace worn-out covers and protect a new one. Ragged and waterlogged covers let the cold air in and the warm air out. Retire the old; and weather-proof the new. A spa umbrella may help keep off the snow, as well.

3. Warm. Prevent freezing with the right controls. Your hot tub may come equipped with automatic freeze control. Set timer switches to cycle on at regular intervals. You might consider a wireless remote thermometer so you can monitor the water temperature from the cozy comfort of the indoors.

4. Enjoy. Enjoy a warm soak every day. You may find that if you simply step in and enjoy your hot tub every day, you’ll actually save energy. If the water is never allowed to cool completely, you’ll never have to start from 0 to heat it up again.

5. Accessorize. Keep the right hot tub accessories. A floating thermal blanket can help keep the heat in. It also minimizes condensation–and related damage–on the under side of your spa cover. Also, don’t forget the spa caddy. You’ll enjoy having a cup of hot cocoa close by while you enjoy a comforting soak.

We have everything you need to enjoy your hot tub even when the temperatures drop. Contact us for more information.

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