Hot Tub to a Better Night Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? In today’s society, people tend to care so much about production that sleep is not made the priority that it should be. Over 40 million Americans suffer from sleeping disorders that negatively affect their lives night after night. That number only takes into account the people that have such severe problems sleeping that they go see a specialist or a doctor for diagnosis. If you are one these people who suffer from sleepless nights, don’t turn immediately to sleeping pills or other drugs prescribed to help you with sleeping. Try soaking in a hot tub as a natural remedy to help you get the precious sleep that allows you to wake up refreshed and full of energy for the excitement the world has to offer us every day.

One of the most important keys to falling asleep is to create an environment that makes you feel comfortable enough to fall asleep in the first place. Ideally, you want the room to be dark and very quiet. About 4 hours after you fall asleep your body temperature drops, which is why sleep experts recommend that your bedroom should be a little on the cooler side to help encourage your brain to fall into a deep sleep. Another way to promote this cooling of your body temperature is to soak in a hot tub or a bath about two hours before going to bed. Your body temperature will become elevated when you soak in a hot tub, and your body will gradually cool off for about 2 hours. This also mimics the physical change in body temperature that occurs in the first 4 hours of your sleep, which will help you fall asleep more quickly and hopefully get you that deep sleep that you desire.

There are also others factors to take into consideration that may help you sleep better. Try to establish a consistent time that you sleep at night and wake up in the morning. Having a consistent routine will help balance your “circadian rhythms”, meaning that your brain will become more efficient at falling asleep and waking up more rested. Other things you can do to help promote restful sleep is to eat 2 to 3 hours before you sleep so your stomach is settled and you are less likely to experience heartburn from food that might wake you in the middle of the night. Don’t drink anything caffeinated near bedtime and try to relax as much as possible before your sleep. It is hard to turn off an active mind right away and stress may cause you to lay in bed awake and struggle to fall asleep.

Try a soak in a hot tub to help you with sleeping at night. It will relax your body and your mind, preparing you for restful sleep all the way through the night. Good luck and I hope these remedies work for you!

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