As the holidays approach, its time to alter your wish list to include the best spa accessories available to enhance your hot tub experience all season long. For many of us, the investment we have made for a hot tub has paid off both physically and mentally; relieving daily stress and aches and pains that taunt us through out the day. Why not up the anti and add some accessories that will accent the look and feel of your spa.

Make Your Spa Comfortable

Nothing is worse then exiting your tub and having to run through your cold house to find a towel. Mounting a towel bar on the side of your tub will allow you to stay warm and cozy all the way to the couch. A spa umbrella is a perfect addition to an outdoor spa, allowing you to enjoy the shade while taking a relaxing soak. Spa pillows can really take the strain off your neck and shoulders, be sure to add one to your list!

Aromatherapy for Chilly Winter Nights

Aromatherapy beads, elixirs, and crystals truly allow you to embody a relaxed and peaceful mindset. Spa Crystals like Cucumber Melon and Eucalyptus successfully mask the spa water scent using subtly sweet, earthy undertones intended to re-energize the body and relax the mind.  Tropical Elixirs will instantly transport you to an island paradise. The elixirs created by inSPAration will moisturize and protect your skin from irritation during your soak. Spa beads such as Spazzazz Aruba Orange Tropical can be used in the tub or to freshen up you car, vacuum, or humidifier.

New Additions For Better Accessibility and Care

Adding spa stairs or a new spa cover could be the just the upgrade to increase your tub use. When you retire after a long day, lifting a heavy spa cover and hopping into the tub can seem a daunting task, especially if you are having neck or back pain. Small additions like a lighter cover or automated cover lift coupled with easy access stairs can encourage you to get in your spa and finally get relief.

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