Tips on Using Spa Chemicals for Novice Hot Tubbers

If you’re a new spa owner, you’re likely just learning about how to care for and maintain your hot tub. And one of the most important aspects of spa ownership is handling spa chemicals.

Spa chemicals are the products that you add to you hot tub water to ensure that it is free from unhealthy contaminants that can make you sick and damage your investment. Depending on pH, calcium and sanitizer levels, you might need to add several types of chemicals.

Spa Shock Treatments

Shock is a chemical with oxidizer that rids your spa water of dead organic matter such as skin, oils, cosmetics and lotions. Add shock to your water when you first fill your spa (before adding anything else) and then on a weekly basis to keep the water fresh and clear.

Spa Test Strips

In order to check the chemical balance of your spa, you’ll want to check the water with a spa test strip. Test strips are easy to use and formulated to measure the level of sanitizer, mineral content, pH and calcium.

Spa Sanitizers 

When most people think of sanitizers, they usually think of chlorine. However, other sanitizers include bromine or biguanide. They each have their own advantages and come in tablet, granular or nugget (bromine) form. Make sure to use spa-specific products.

Other Spa Chemicals

Additionally, you may find a need for other spa chemicals such as clarifiers to help remove unwanted particulates, balancers to raise or lower the water’s pH or alkaline levels, and cleaners to help your spa water stay fresh. Keeping your pH and alkaline levels balanced also will help balance calcium for people who live in an area with particularly hard or soft water.

Natural Spa Care 

For people with sensitive skin who may react badly to some spa chemicals, look for products that are gentle on eyes, hair and skin while still maintaining clear and clean water.

Don’t forget to test you spa water frequently (every day or two) and change the water every two to three months. And if you have any other questions related to maintaining your spa or deciding which spa chemicals are right for you, contact us. We’re glad to help.

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