If you’ve ever heard the term aromatherapy and wondered what it actually means, essentially it is the use of plant oils to promote mental and physical well being. The use of the word aroma implies the process is done by inhaling the scents from these oils.

While the use of natural essential oils for medicinal and therapeutic purposes has been around for ages, the term aromatherapy has only come into use during the 20th century as people found the positive results of using aromatherapy. Now these fragrances are available as spa accessories.

Fragrances such as cinnamon, vanilla, chamomile, jasmine and sandalwood offer a variety of benefits. And one of the best ways to reap those benefits is by turning your hot tub into an aromatherapy paradise.

Eucalyptus Isn’t Just for Koala Bears

One of the most popular aromatherapy scents, eucalyptus is often found in medicines to help relieve congestion, coughs and even asthma. In addition, it helps to boost the immune system and relieve muscle tension.

Lavender Offers a Favorite Floral Fragrance

Considered one of the most versatile scents, lavender is frequently found in soaps, air fresheners and candles. Not only is it uplifting and relaxing, but historically it has been used to treat burns and mild wounds.

Chamomile is One of the Oldest Scents 

Often found in teas and lotions, chamomile offers calming effects and can help soothe sleeplessness. This relaxing oil is often good for muscle aches and tension. Moreover, ancient cultures used it to treat infection and relax patients.

Roses and Geraniums are Not Just for the Garden 

If you love the fragrance of flowers in bloom in a garden, then roses and geraniums might be the right combination for you. Geraniums are said to revitalize and are especially good after a long trip, while roses are relaxing and soothing.

Whether you are looking to relieve physical distress, strengthen your immune system, ease muscle aches, improve sleep, decrease stress levels or soothe your skin, using your hot tub for aromatherapy offers a simple solution at the end of a long day. Choose from a number of spa accessories including aromatherapy crystals, elixirs and beads in a variety of scents all designed to entice your senses.

If you need help choosing from these or any other spa accessories or have questions concerning our products, contact us.

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