Winter Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Winter Hot Tub Maintenance

We are sure you have noticed, the temperatures are cooler and you might even find yourself dreaming of soaking in a nice warm hot tub at the end of a day.  You might wonder if you should drain your spa for the cold winter season, but didn’t you purchase your spa for year round use?  Use it and enjoy it, especially in the winter.  Here are a few hot tub supplies and tips to get your through the winter with your hot tub.

  • Keep it covered.  You might have been doing this throughout the summer, but winter time, a cover is especially crucial.  You’re not the only one who likes a nice warm and wet location to hang out in, the bugs in your area also might enjoy your hot tub and residing near the warmth.  So make sure you keep it closed when not in use.  This is also a good time to inspect your cover for any rips or tears, making sure it is still functional and in good condition to prevent heat from escaping and bugs, dust, etc from getting in.
  • Clean it now.  Your maintenance plan should include cleaning regularly; we suggest you do it earlier in the season to make the winter use more enjoyable.  Who wants to clean it when it’s literally freezing outside?
  • Invest in a thermal blanket.  The blanket will not only keep your cover lasting longer as it keeps condensation off the bottom of the cover, but it will reduce your heat loss, saving you a little bit in energy.  Luckily, a thermal blanket is very affordable and will last you a long time.
  • Check your hot tub’s temperature using a thermometer often to make sure the heater is working effectively.  If the heater goes out, and your water freezes, you could be looking at a hot tub with cracks and other issues, so be sure you’re keeping the water warm enough to prevent those kinds of issues.
  • Repair and replace your heater quickly.  If the heater stops working (which you discover during one of your checks as stated above) make sure to get it replaced or repaired quickly to prevent any issues.

By following these easy guidelines, you’ll extend the life of your hot tub without losing any of the benefits of having a nice, hot tub to come home to.  For more information about how our products will keep your hot tub cozy, please contact us today!

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