Spa Games for your Hot Tub!


It’s not like you needed a reason to soak and soothe in your hot tub for longer than you already do, but just in case you want a little more entertainment, here are some hot tub games that will keep you there so long, you will wrinkle your fingers.

Waterproof Playing Cards
These playing cards are made entirely of plastic and as the name indicates, they are waterproof.  They are also durable, so you are going to be finding yourself needing to purchase a new set.  The possibilities are endless with playing cards: poker, gin, twenty-one, maybe even a simple game of Go Fish for the kids (a fitting game for a hot tub, no?)

Kooltray Floating Game and Drink Tray
This tray is the perfect combination.  You receive a floating tray to hold your drinks, and on the other side, there is a flat, smooth surface for playing games.  The board comes with floating checker pieces, enabling you to play checkers (or a variation, like leapfrog or wolf and goats).  It also is a great holding table for your playing cards, as shown above.

We have a variety of squirtee options; the one linked above is of a duck.  The squirtee allows you to draw water into the duck and then squirt it out, either at your hot tub guest, at a target, or simply into the air for entertainment.

Floating Lighted Racers
Yes, these little ducks float, and they light up.  The best part about these ducks though, is that can be used to race from one end of the hot tub to the other.  Using your breath or water movement, the goal is to move your color duck as fast as you can to the other side before you opponent reaches.

Lighted Floating Roses
Fun and games don’t have to be just games.  Sometimes taking a more enjoyable soak in your hot tub is as simple a changing the environment.  These LED Floating Roses are individually purchased and will look gorgeous in your hot tub.

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